InfiRay C200 industrial thermal camera
InfiRay C200 industrial thermal camera
462.83 EUR

InfiRay C200 industrial thermal camera

InfiRay C200 industrial thermal camera
InfiRay C200 industrial thermal camera
Thermal sensor
256x192 12μm
User's Guide (HUN)
Thermal sensor
256x192 12μm
Available for order
462.83 EUR

The new InfiRay C200 is one of the most capable and best-value handheld industrial thermal cameras, which can be used to perform exceptionally accurate measurements in the temperature range of -20°C to +550°C. An extremely easy-to-use professional product, now available from InfiRay in the usual market-leading quality and innovations at a really affordable price.

Just aim and read!

You can access the information you need with one well-directed movement. Its robust construction makes it easy to use and durable even in the event of increased use. It can be used ideally in a wide variety of areas. Thanks to its 56° viewing angle, it stands its ground in almost any area and is a comfortable, well-sized examination tool. Whether it is mechanical inspection or maintenance, product testing, application in automotive service areas, gas, heating or villa installation work, general building mechanical maintenance, the user will find a professional tool for every problem in the C200.

The properties and accuracy of the thermal camera are determined on the one hand by the well-measured viewing angle, the resolution of the thermal sensor and the size of its pixels. The wide viewing angle is especially ideal for the analysis of small areas and also for indoor examinations, in addition, with a sensor resolution of 256x192 pixels and a pixel size of 12 µm, the engineers configured it in such a way as to provide a clear, contoured image in all situations, which is not only approximate, but completely accurate and detailed. can provide data - to facilitate the precise localization and discovery of possible errors. We can say goodbye to the contourless, mushy, blurry shots of the past years. It's true that these are close-ups, e.g. in the case of testing electrical switchboards, but the visible heat map is just as spectacular, e.g. also in the case of testing a floor heating water circuit. Basic functions are the indication of the lowest and highest temperature points, but in the case of set temperatures, the possibility of automatic visual or sound alarm is also available.


Its ergonomic housing hides an LED light source, and thanks to its comfortable design, it can be used comfortably with either the right or left hand. The creation of the non-slip surface was so effective that the user's first thought after receiving it is that he is really holding a very comfortable and intuitive device in his hand. The operation of the buttons is logical, and safety during work is ensured by the IP54 protection of the device housing, which can be dropped up to 2 meters.

The built-in 2.8" 320x240 pixel TFT LCD color display shows the data captured by the sensor in great detail. The user can choose from 7 different color settings, each of which has its own advantage in different analysis situations. The device also has an infrared and visible image camera. This provides additional options for the user. The fusion function is so special that it combines the thermal image and the visible image in one image. This provides a significantly better interpretable image in many cases. With the help of Picture in Picture (PIP), the available functions are further enriched. and images recorded on a memory card open up new areas for subsequent analyses, and even for the generation of contractor quotations, or for documenting the success of completed works.Technology offers opportunities, the user pushes the limits of creative usability.

The InfiRay C200 measures temperatures from -20°C to +550°C with high accuracy (+/-2°C or +/-2%). Within this interval, its thermal sensitivity can reach up to 0.05°C. The emission correction can be changed. The device automatically tries to filter out disturbing environmental influencing factors. The thermal camera can store images in JPEG format on the included 16 GB micro SD card. It is possible to save images automatically and manually. The included Li-Ion battery enables up to 11 hours of operation. However, thanks to its USB-C connector, even continuous charging can be done without special connectors. A full charge takes approx. It takes 4 hours.


The device supports the use of a computer analysis application from an optional computer with InfiRay software provided by the manufacturer.
In hunting and law enforcement circles, InfiRay thermal cameras are well-recognized for their excellent performance, continuous innovation and sophisticated, well-thought-out design.
InfiRay C200. If you want something more serious. Give it a try, let yourself be convinced!

System requirements for the included analysis software:
CPU: minimum i3 Memory: minimum 4 GB
Operating system: Windows 10 with Office 2010
Display settings (engine): text change the size of applications and other elements at least 100%


  • Hungarian menu
  • Shockproof up to a drop of 2 meters
  • various temperature measurement functions
  • IP54 level protection
  • JPEG storage, thermal image and visible image together (fusion function)
  • outstanding cost effectiveness uncooled microbolometer sensor
  • sensor size 256x192 pixels
  • IFOV: 3.8 mrad
  • NETD sensitivity: <50 mK
  • free focus spectral measurement range: 8-14 µm
  • °C / °F / K measurement
  • built-in LED light source
  • USB-C connection for image and data transfer

    Softwer can be downloadad from here!

When installing on a Windows operating system, unzip the SOFTWARE.ZIP file that can be downloaded from the link above, then simply copy the entire folder "SOFTWARE / Temperature Analysis SoftwareV1.0.4D20200922&&VS / Temperature Analysis SoftwareV1.0.4D20200922" from the unzipped file to your computer's drive. The software does not require installation! You can activate the program by launching the "IRay Camera Controller" application in the mentioned folder.

At first launch, the software is in Chinese, you can change it to English with the switch in the lower left corner of the program window. The English interface will be active the next time you log in.

If you receive an error message at the first startup indicating that MS Visual Studio or one of its dll files is missing and the software does not start, then run the Visual Studio installer from the .zip file, the file "MSVBCRT AIO 2017.03.13 X86 X64", and restart your computer if necessary.

You can find out about the operation of the software from the English file "InfiRay Temperature Analysis Software Operation Manual_V1.0.0_20200522.pdf" in the "Temperature Analysis SoftwareV1.0.4D20200922&&VS / Temperature Analysis SoftwareV1.0.4D20200922" folder.

If you want to install the software on a device running the Android operating system, you will find the necessary files in the / SOFTWARE / M300_Android_D20200908_V1.0.8 folder.

If you need help with software installation and operation, contact us in writing or by phone, we will be happy to help you.



Article number
Data storage
micro SD up to 32 GB (not included)
Tripod thread
1/4 coll
Other properties

Picture modes: thermal imaging, fusion, PIP,visible imaging

In the event of an alarm recording manually or automatically with temperature data in the event of an alarm

Hardware requirement:

CPU: minimum i3
Memory: minimum 4 GB
Operation system: Windows 10 with Office 2010
Display settings: text resize applications and other items at least 100%

Energy supply
built-in li-Ion
Video recording
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
3.8 mrad
2.8'' color TFT LCD 320x240 pixel
Screen color modes
7 modes
Measurement properties

IFOV: 3.8 mrad
Measurement types: central point / hot point / cold point
Measuring range: -20 to +550°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
IR temperature scale: 0.1°C (0.2°F)

Working / storage temperature
-10°C to +50°C / -20°C to +60°C
Old article number
Spectral range
8 - 14um
256x192 pixel, uncooled FPA
In the box
thermal camera, USB-C charging cable, 16 GB micro SD card, analiser software for PC
Supported photo resolutions
Weight (g)
Shock resistance
fall resistance 2 m
Operating time
up to 11 hours
Water resistance
Product type
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Article No.