InfiRay CH50 V2.0 thermal clip-on with battery kit - Showroom piece
InfiRay CH50 V2.0 thermal clip-on with battery kit - Showroom piece
3 801.70 EUR
3 611.88 EUR

InfiRay CH50 V2.0 thermal clip-on with battery kit - Showroom piece

InfiRay CH50 V2.0 thermal clip-on with battery kit - Showroom piece
InfiRay CH50 V2.0 thermal clip-on with battery kit - Showroom piece

Showroom piece!

Thermal sensor
640x512 12μm
User's Guide (HUN)
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3 801.70 EUR
3 611.88 EUR
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In Hungary and some EU countries, the use of night vision and thermal camera products for hunting purposes is limited, and the use of devices with crosshairs and/or aiming devices is prohibited. Please find out about the regulations in force in your country and follow their changes.

InfiRay CH50 V2.0 - smart and spectacular modifications

Why do we recommend it?

  • Because it is one of the lightest and most compact in its category.
    Because its sensor size guarantees impressive resolution.
    Because several shooting profiles can be saved in one device.
    Because many people are already using it with satisfaction.
    Because the image of V2.0 is unmatched.
    Without a complicated eyepiece mechanism, significantly higher accuracy and a larger visible image.

The InfiRay Xclip CH50 V2.0 is the second edition of an infrared thermal camera unit equipped with a completely new developed sensor and equipped with a well-proven device housing. Extremely compact, extra light, extremely robust design. Thanks to its imaging technology - unlike night vision devices - it does not require an external light source, and its operation is not negatively affected by strong light effects.

Image quality is excellent for V2.0. The experience provided by the display is more detailed, more precise and more spectacular than ever before. Compared to its predecessor, the renewed Sony OLED display takes image quality to a new level. Due to the resolution of the sensor, we can forget about the pixels here. It can also be used at night or in unfavorable conditions for observing objects in areas covered with grass, bushes and tree branches, even in rainy, foggy and smoggy conditions. By default, it is a device with 1x magnification, but the software also allows 2x or 4x digital magnification - even with a scope.
Thanks to the proportionality of the sensor - pixel size - focal length, it is designed to overcome longer distances with a moderately narrow field of view. It is capable of impressive performance and precision on a scope. The factory set does not include a finder eyepiece, since the main goal of the development was to use it as a ballast to give the user even greater and more reliable accuracy. The built-in lens element is now fixed and significantly larger, so the primary usability and image experience has improved in all aspects, and the chance of errors due to user inattention has decreased during use. The manufacturer includes a threaded eyepiece rubber, with the installation of which the device can also be used as a viewfinder up to 4x digital magnification. Overall, therefore, in terms of its usability, the manufacturer tried to make the device "super safe".

When used as a front sight on a high-quality scope, up to 15x !!! can also be used for magnification.



Its extremely strong housing was designed with the toughest conditions of use in mind. Its compact size and weight make it practical to use as a scope adapter. Our daytime scope can be converted into a thermal camera scope in an instant.

Knowing the sensor and display of the InfiRay thermal cameras, and the image you see, it provides a unique experience during use. In addition to the electronic compass, inclinometer and accelerometer, countless other really useful features make it a really great tool.


With a quick button, you can switch between the four color modes (Black highlight, White highlight, Red highlight and Palette). By adjusting the brightness of the display, we can make the image relaxing or strong in a wide interval, we can adjust the contrast. You can choose between automatic and manual calibration, you can activate the Bluetooth connection (accessory for remote control) and the video output. In addition, we also have the option to adjust the orientation of the display from the menu. Its 1024x768 resolution display produces an amazingly clear image both during the day and at night, thanks to the well-grip focus dial, the image is always extremely convincing. Using the menu item Correction of inactive pixels, the maintenance of the display is also solved.

The adapter has a USB-C output, which can be connected with a standard USB and analog video output (PAL system) with the included cable. It is powered by 2 CR123 batteries or a rechargeable RCR123 battery. Exact information in "Accessories".
Overall, it can be said that it is one of the most balanced devices on the market in terms of knowledge, performance, parameterizability and durability. Its smaller brother, the CL42, has already convinced many users of its durability and reliability. With the new sensor, these valuable features are now combined with outstanding imaging performance.

 Use as a primer.

The scope adapter shown in the pictures is not included. On the viewing side, the scope adapter can be attached extremely massively, with a thread, which is available in various sizes. If you know the outer diameter of the front lens of your scope, you can purchase the necessary adapter separately:

* its use as a ballast can be solved with a Smartclip or RUSAN adapter chosen separately for the outer diameter of the scope

You can choose from the available Smartclip adapters by clicking THIS LINK, or you can find them in Related products. The adapter is not part of the product.

You can choose from the available RUSAN adapters by clicking THIS LINK , or you can find them under Related products. The adapter is not part of the product.

Article number
Base magnification (x)
<p>composite, shockproof</p>
Eye relief
30 mm
Energy supply
2x CR123 (RCR123)
Detection distance '>
2597 m (1.7 x 0.5 m) human body
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
1024x768 color OLED
Screen color modes
4 modes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, palette
Field of view
8.8° x 7.0°
Minimum focus range (m)
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
Shock resistance
6500 J
175 x 74 x 68 mm
50 mm
Old article number
640x512 resolution uncooled microbolometer ; pixel size: 12 μm; refresh rate: 50Hz; NETD <= 50 mK
In the box

thermal clip-on (without eyepiece), bluetooth remote control, zipped softcase, IEB-2 battery compartment extender, 2 sets of (4 pcs) rechargeable RCR123 battery and a two bay charger, RCR2032 battery for the remote controller

Weight (g)
Water resistance
Article No.