Leica Calonox View 2 LRF thermal clip-on with rangefinder

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Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Estimated time of arrival January 2024

Thermal sensor NETD:
40 mK
Magnification interval (x):
1 – 2
Thermal sensor:
640x480 12μm
Available for order
5 701.29 EUR

For the first time with integrated laser rangefinder

The new Leica Calonox 2 Sight LRF thermal sighting camera is a genuine benchmark in terms of design and function. Designed and made in Germany, the Leica Calonox 2 Sight LRF wins users over with the world’s first fully-integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) for up to 1200 meters – enabling safe and ethical hunting.

Large field of view and very detailed image

Hunters and nature observers can count on natural, sharp, high-contrast images, thanks to the high-quality LYNRED sensor and the processing software that’s been further refined by Leica (LIO™ – Leica Image Optimization). Together with a large field of view, objects with the standard size of 66.9 in (1.7 meters) can be clearly found at up to 2417 yrd (2210 meters).  Recognition is possible at 842 yrd (770 meters) and reliable identification at 427 yrd (390 meters).


Easy to swap between different rifles

Thanks to highest-precision components and a sophisticated manufacturing process, the Leica Calonox 2 Sight LRF arrives precisely centered. As a result, the clip-on camera no longer needs individual calibration, but can be used out-of-the-box and swapped between rifles. Point of impact does not change, even if the device is repeatedly removed and remounted.

Light & compact unit with the right riflescope

The Calonox 2 Sight LRF can be used with most commercially-available riflescopes. Combining it with the Leica Fortis 6 1.8-12x42i creates a perfect unit: a compact overall system for night hunting. Mounting is done via standard adapters with M43x0.75 thread, which are available for almost all scopes.

Optional remote control for activating the laser rangefinder

The fully-integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) can be easily activated via optional remote control. This remote control can be conveniently attached to the comb or forestock and activates either the rangefinder or the photo/video function.


Software-based shutter is silent and smooth

Conventional thermal cameras periodically recalibrate themselves with an audible “click” and a frozen frame. The Leica Calonox 2 thermal cameras are designed to be “shutterless”. Leica software enables silent and instantaneous recalibration – without freezing the image.

Easy to switch from day to night mode

Like all Leica products, the Leica Calonox 2 Sight LRF can be operated intuitively. A large, sturdy metal control ring turns the device on – and makes it easy to switch from day to night mode. A latching magnetic switch keeps the unit powered up during a switchover, thus saving time.



Calibration shot is recommended for responsible hunting!

Data storage:
32 GB
Base magnification (x):
<p>fiberglass-reinforced plastic</p>
Digital zoom:
Diopter compensation:
+/- 4 dpt
Other properties:

Leica2Hunt application
WiFi and Bluetooth

Energy supply:
built-in battery 3500 mAh
Detection distance:

Detection range: 2210 m (1.7x0.5 m)

Recognition range: 770vm (1.7x0.5 m)

Identification range: 390 m (1.7x0.5 m)

Video recording:
3 years manufacturer's warranty
Image repetition frequency:
60 Hz
0.49" 1280x960 px micro OLED, 0.35" active
Screen color modes:
Black Hot Enhanced, White Hot, Red Enhanced, pseudo
Field of view (m):
18 x 13.5 m / 100 m
Field of view (°):
10.3° x 7.7°
Least magnification:
Utmost magnification:
139x110x 61 mm
Working / storage temperature:
-20 °C to 50 °C/ -
42 mm focus distance
640x480 pixel Vox szenzor, 12 µm pixel size , NETD < 40 mK
In the box:
thermal camera, cordura case, charging cable,lens cleaning cloth
Weight (g):
Operating time:

up to 5-6 hours

Video output:
h.264 via USB-C
Water resistance:
IP67, nitrogen filled
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
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Leica Calonox View 2 LRF thermal clip-on with rangefinder
Leica Calonox View 2 LRF thermal clip-on with rangefinder
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