InfiRay Rico 2 RH50R thermal riflescope

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Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Thermal sensor NETD:
20 mK
Magnification interval (x):
3 – 12
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Céltávcső frontlencse átmérő:
50 mm
Thermal sensor:
640x512 12μm
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RICO V2 Series Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope – RH50 V2

Based on the popular RICO Mk1 series, the RICO Mk1 V2 was redesigned with improved audio recording, a blazing fast 60 Hz refresh rate, and an impressively upgraded  20 mK sensitivity. The heart of the Mk1 V2 features a high-performance InfiRay Micro II core and an extremely high-contrast AMOLED HD display. The Mk1 V2 takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of its MATRIX III processor. Unmatched image quality combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, picture-in-picture function, two long-lasting battery packs with 6+ hours of run-time each, aluminum-alloy housing, 1000 G/s2 shock-resistance, and 32 GB of internal memory give you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.

60 Hz High Refresh Rate

Change the way you see with the RICO V2 rifle scope, where cutting‑edge sensor technology meets world-class optical design. Featuring a 60 Hz 12 μm sensor, the RICO V2 delivers an immersive optical experience like no other. Enjoy a seamless and fluid visual display as the high‑contrast Micro II Sensor updates 60 times per second to capture every detail of your target and its surroundings, while a generous 55 mm of eye relief allow you to see the entire screen with ease. Elevate your hunting to new heights with the RICO V2—the perfect companion for those who demand visual excellence.


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Outstanding Thermal Sensor Sensitivity

Thanks to an outstanding thermal sensitivity of ≤20mK, the RICO V2 guarantees superior detail recognition even in challenging weather conditions when thermal contrast is minimal. This high sensitivity enables the sensor to accurately detect and display the smallest temperature variations, particularly in high-humidity or low-contrast conditions where less sensitive thermal imagers struggle to make a usable image. Regardless of these difficult circumstances, the RICO V2 excels in producing a clear, precise image, ensuring optimal performance and reliable results on every hunt.


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Distance Expanded, Details Enhanced


The RICO V2 rifle scope features an impressive 50 mm f/1.0 aperture and 3× magnification. The large f/1.0 aperture allows more energy to reach the extremely sensitive RICO V2 sensor, delivering exceptional performance and enabling the capture of the finest details regardless of lighting conditions. The 50 mm lens also provides 3× magnification to allow for precise aiming and distance approximation. Whether you are engaging targets at long range or tracking in challenging environments, the RICO V2's wide aperture and 3× magnification offer incredible detail and pinpoint shooting accuracy. Surpass visual limitations and discover hunting at its finest with the RICO V2.


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Custom BDC Reticle


Boost your shooting precision to new levels! The RICO V2 introduces a Custom BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) Reticle feature which allows you to create a custom reticle layout based on the ballistics of your exact rifle and ammunition. Achieve precise ballistic compensation, ensuring each bullet hits the target with utmost accuracy. Whether you are tracking moving targets or engaging in long-range shooting, the RICO V2's Custom BDC Reticle feature provides unmatched precision so you’ll always hit your mark.


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Accurate Zeroing With a Single Shot!


The RICO V2 rifle scope features One-Shot Zeroing functionality, providing unrivaled accuracy and convenience. One-Shot Zeroing is an intuitive zeroing process that requires just one shot, eliminating the need for numerous adjustments or wasted ammo so you can get off the range and into the field.


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Capture Every Pivotal Moment


The RICO V2 rifle scope offers video recording, wireless streaming, and image capture. Videos and photos can be quickly transferred via a high-speed App connection or accessed directly via a USB connection. The built-in video recorder and crystal-clear audio feature guarantee you can relive every moment and every experience. One simple press of the record button seamlessly captures footage that can be shared easily with friends, and 32 GB of internal memory ensures you can capture it all.

Data storage:
32 GB built-in memory
Base magnification (x):
Diopter compensation:
-5 - +5 dpt
Energy supply:
rechargeable battery 3.7 V, 3820 mAh
Detection distance :
Human (1.7 x 0.5 m): 2594 m
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency:
60 Hz
1024x768 pixel, 0,39''
Field of view (°):
Least magnification:
Utmost magnification:
Shock resistance:
1000 G
50 mm F1.1
640x512 pixel, 12 µm pixel; NETD: <= 50 mK
In the box:
thermal riflescope, battery, picatinny mount
Weight (g):
Operating time:
up to 6 hours
Water resistance:
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Riflescope magnification:
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InfiRay Rico 2 RH50R thermal riflescope
InfiRay Rico 2 RH50R thermal riflescope
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