Infiray X mini MH25W thermal camera

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Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Thermal sensor:
640x512 12μm
Thermal sensor NETD:
30 mK
Magnification interval (x):
1 – 4
Horizontal field of view (°):
User's Guide (HUN):
Thermal sensor:
640x512 12μm
3 077.50 EUR

Get to know the Mini series!

The XMini series is one of the smallest multifunctional thermal cameras on the market. Its strikingly small size allows it to be placed in a shirt pocket or on a helmet, which can be perfectly attached with the help of the accessory rail. The MH25 version, with its larger 640x512 pixel sensor and 12 micron pixel size, guarantees quite an extraordinary view in this improbably small device. With the help of the built-in Bluetooth function, it can even be operated with the supplied remote control.

Excellent picture quality

The InfiRay detector's advanced image management, high-performance electronics and optimized optics guarantee exceptional imaging, and also enable the most precise detection and identification in both day and night light conditions.

The 1280x960 pixel built-in display dazzles the user with its razor-sharp image and vivid colors, and the 50 Hz image refresh ensures that no important information is missed. The 640x512 sensor with a pixel size of 12 microns allows a wide viewing angle with a minimum magnification of 1x, thus providing excellent orientation even in covered areas. And the high-resolution sensor enables up to 4x digital magnification without significant degradation of image quality.

Flexible mounting options and user-friendly operation

The XMini is equipped with a variety of attachment options, so it can be attached to countless helmets and straps to keep the user's hands free. And the device is able to show the image in the correct orientation regardless of the angle of the attachment. The handling has been infinitely simplified: we can easily and quickly change the camera settings with just one button.

The camera's switch-on time is less than 5 seconds, so it reacts extremely quickly.

Energy supply

The careful planning also extended to the diversity of the energy supply. It can be operated with CR123A and CR123 batteries, 16340 (rechargeable) and the higher capacity 16650 (not 18650!) batteries with the help of an extension adapter.


  • PIP - picture-in-picture function: The device shows the target in the center of the crosshairs in a double magnification in the upper part of the display. This helps to observe the target object in more detail, while the user can also monitor the environment.
  • Distance estimation: Knowing the dimensions of the target, the device is suitable for quick and easy estimation of the approximate distance.
  • Inclinometer and digital compass: For reliable orientation.
  • Wireless remote control: Makes using the device even more convenient while wearing a helmet.
  • Built-in 32Gb memory
  • Wifi modul
  • Photo and video recording
  • Built-in mic
Base magnification (x):
aluminium, steel, plastic, germanium
Eye relief:
20 mm
Analog RS-170/NTSC Video out / USB-C
Digital zoom:
2x / 4x / 8x
Diopter compensation:
- 4 - +3 dpt
Other properties:

Picture in picture mode
Wireless remote control
Stadiometric rangefinder
Photo and video recording
Built-in mic 

Energy supply:
CR123, CR123A, 16340 (RCR123 battery), 16650
Detection distance:
Detection (1.7 x 1.2 m): 1298 m
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency:
50 Hz
1024x768 OLED
Field of view (°):
17,6°x 13.2°
Minimum focus range (m):
Least magnification:
Utmost magnification:
128x70x45 mm
25 mm F1.0
640x512 pixel; 12 µm-es pixel size; NETD: <=50 mK
In the box:
thermal camera, Bluetooth remote controller, USB-C cable for charging and video output, neck strap, cordura case
Supported photo resolutions:
Supported video resolutions:
Weight (g):
Operating time:
CR123A - up to 2 hours; 16650 - up to 4.5 hours
Water resistance:
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
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