InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera
InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera
1 608.37 EUR

InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera

InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera
InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera
InfiRay Cabin CBL25 thermal camera
- 19 mm focal length lens, manual focus 

- 384x288 detector resolution, 12 µm pixel pitch

- 2 - 8x magnification (2x optical, 1 - 4x digital zoom)

- range of detection: 980 m (human target)

- field of view: 13,8°, NETD <= 40 mK - metal housing

- Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!
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1 608.37 EUR
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Meet Cabin Series

The Cabin series is a small, light, and easy to hold and operate thermal imaging monocular.

The clear image, quick-release battery pack, quick focusing knob, built-in LED light and other features make it the most comfortable and easy-to-use helper for outdoor observation.

Adopt high-performance 12‑um detector.

50 Hz frame rate captures every detail you are interested in.

HD Display1280×960

High resolution provides clear and colorful images.

High Image Quality

Cabin has built-in self-developed high-performance VOx (Vanadium Oxide) detectors. Equipped with high-performance electronic equipment and superior infrared optics, it can provide ultra-clear thermal images, making detection and identification easy and efficient during the day or night.Built-in InfiRay detector and matched with MatrixⅢTM powerful algorithm designed to increase imaging clarity and overall image detail. MatrixⅢTM results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities.

Built-in Motion Sensor and Electronic Compass

Built-in motion sensor and electronic compass accurately identify the angle and inclination.


Stadiametric Rangefinder

Based on estimated heights of targets user can get the rough distance from the target with the build-in stadiametric rangefinder fast and easy.


Picture-In-Picture Function

Provide a 2×magnified area on the top to help to magnify the target while keeping the rest of the field of view visible.


Built-in Video Recorder and WiFi Connection

The 16 GB internal storage provides 24 hours of video recording or 20,000 images capacity. WiFi mode allows up to 4 simultaneous connections

Ultra-clear Mode

Built-in ultra-clear mode is suitable for bad weather conditions, such as fog and rain. This mode is more sensitive to show more details.


Replaceable battery pack

Cabin is equipped with a 3.6V, 3100 mAh large-capacity battery pack, which can work continuously for 7.5 hours. The battery can be quickly removed and inserted in a few seconds, providing an ideal battery solution.


Strong light variable-focus torch

Cabin is equipped with imported 3w LED lamp bead, and has the function of two-gear switching and zooming. The irradiation distance can reach 50 m, providing you with necessary lighting for search and rescue.


Quick focusing knob

Cabin uses the focusing knob to adjust the focus within a range of 100°, allowing you to see the target more quickly.

Article number
Energy supply
cserélhető akkumulátor
1280x960 HD LCOS
165 x 50 x 85 mm
RCA output
Working / storage temperature
-20℃- +50℃ / -30℃- +60℃
Eye relief
20 mm
fém ház
Data storage
16 GB beépített memória
Water resistance
Spectral range
Digital zoom
Screen color modes
Forró fekete, Forró fehér, Forró vörös, Vas, Színes (túl szaturált)
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
Field of view
10.5 º×10.4 º
Gyártó által vállalt garancia: 3 év, az akkumulátorra 1 év. Egységár függő fogyasztói jótállás: 10.001 Ft - 100.000 Ft - 12 hónap. 100.001 Ft - 250.000 Ft - 24 hónap, 250.001 Ft-tól: 36 hónap. Fogyasztónak NEM minősülő személyek (például, de nem kizárólag Gazdálkodó Szervezetek) számára: 6 hónap kellékszavatosság.
Minimum focus range
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
Egyszemes kereső
Horizontal angle of view
10.5 °
Detection distance '>
1300 m (emberalak)
In the box
hőkamera, 2 db cserélhető akkumulátor, dokkoló töltő 2 akkuhoz, töltő kábel RCA video kivezetéssel, profi kordura tok, nyakpánt
Lens system
25 mm-es gyújtótávolság, manuális fókusz
VOX hűtetlen IRFPA detektor 384x288, 12µm pixel méret
Article No.