Leica Calonox View thermal camera
Leica Calonox View thermal camera
4 316.45 EUR

Leica Calonox View thermal camera

- 42 mm focal legth, manual focus
- 640x512 pixels of thermal sensor, 12 µm-es pixel size
- 2.5 - 10x magnification (2.5x optical, 1 - 4x digital)
- Observation distance: - (car), - (deer), 3000 m (human body)
Thermal sensor
640x512 12μm
Nagyítás tartomány (x)
2.5 – 10
Horizontal field of view (°)
User's Guide (HUN)
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4 316.45 EUR

Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar) is presenting for the first time a thermal imaging device especially for hunters: the Leica Calonox. For market launch in late fall 2020 the Leica Calonox will be available in two versions: As a pure observation device - Leica Calonox "View" - and as an header device for mounting in conjunction with a riflescope - Leica Calonox "Sight".

Similar in design to conventional digital cameras, thermal imaging cameras detect infrared radiation as a heat signature that is not visible to the human eye.

With the new Leica Calonox thermal imaging cameras, the terrain can be searched for huntable or downed game in the dark or in difficult light conditions. The Leica Calonox models offer a large field of view with a high detection range and high-contrast imaging.




Thanks to their large sensor and high-resolution OLED display, both optics offer the highest quality observation. The ingenious design of the Leica Calonox models revolutionizes the thermal imaging market. The functional elements are extremely ergonomic and easy to manipulate. In addition, operation with just three buttons is intuitive, user-friendly and efficient.

Leica Calonox View: As an observation device

The Leica Calonox "View" offers a high recognition range, while the wide field of view is ideal for close-up work thanks to the large sensor (640x512 pixels) at 2.5x basic optical magnification. This model has a 42 mm lens and is extremely light at around 650 grams. A permanently installed rechargeable battery with a minimum operating time of 4 to 5 hours serves as the power supply.

Article number
Data storage
van belső memória
Base magnification (x)
PAL video out USB-C-n keresztül
Digital zoom
2x / 3x /4x
Diopter compensation
+/- 5 dpt
Other properties
Live Streaming funkció applikáción keresztül
Energy supply
beépített Li-Ion akkumulátor
Detection distance '>

Észlelési távolság: 3000 m (1.7x0.5 m) 2 pixel;
Felismerési távolság: 1000 m (1.7x0.5 m) 6 pixel;
Azonosítási távolság: 500 m (1.7x0.5 m) 12 pixel

Egyszemes kereső
Video recording
Gyártó által vállalt garancia
2 év
Hőkamera felépítés
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
1280x960 LCOS, 0.4 coll
Screen color modes
fekete kiemelés, fehér kiemelés, piros kiemelés, pseudo
Field of view
18.3m / 100m
Field of view
10.5° x 8.4°
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
170 x 65 mm
42 mm fókusztávolság
Old article number
640x512 pixeles Vox szenzor, 12 µm pixelméret
In the box
hőkamera, gyöngyvászon tok, töltőkábel, objektív tisztító kendő
Weight (g)
Operating time
4-5 óra
Article No.