SiOnyx Nightwave low-light marine camera

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Amazing night vision on water

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SiOnyx Nightwave Ultra Low-Light Color Night Vision Marine Camera

Hello darkness, my new friend.

The NIGHTWAVE by Sionyx is an ultra low-light, color night vision camera that helps you navigate at night and in twilight conditions. The camera is specifically designed as an accessible solution for use on ships and boats, from professional to leisure use. The night vision system displays images in vivid daylight colors at night and has extremely high light output, even in situations with minimal ambient light. With Sionyx Nightwave, you can see everything, while no longer having to use expensive systems.

The night camera features a proprietary, patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels (60hz). This sensor uses the ambient light present (stars, full moon or clear sky) to display visible images at night. With a sensitivity of <1 millilux, you will already have an incredibly clear image with just some starlight. With Nightwave, you can detect a person at night from a distance of up to 150 meters. The large field of view of 40 degrees increases your situational awareness, allowing you to recognize unexpected ships and other obstacles in time. Thanks to the IP67 classification, which means it is impact resistant and submersible for 30 minutes to a depth of 90 cm, you can use the Nightwave safely in the most extreme conditions.

You can use the Nightwave wired and remotely. It features an analog (NTSC/PAL) output that can be used to connect directly to displays that support analog video IN. These include multi-functional displays or MFDs from several well-known brands. To make this connection you use the supplied cable. You can also live stream images via Wi-Fi to your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet via the free SIONYX app. You can also take photos and videos from your own device. The Nightwave streams in 1080x720 HD with 30 frames per second.

On the bottom, the camera has a standard 1/4" female threaded connection, so you can mount the Nightwave on numerous tripods and clamps (see optional accessories). The camera can also be mounted upside down, with the software automatically rotating the displayed image 180 degrees. Power is supplied via USB power or via the included video OUT cable (12Vdc) which you can plug into the MFD. The image angle of the Nightwave can only be adjusted manually, in terms of height.

Application Sionyx Nightwave

This night vision camera is the answer to expensive night vision and thermal imaging systems used while sailing. From a sailing boat to a motorboat and from a (super)yacht to the coast guard and the navy. The Nightwave is a beautiful low-cost night vision device for any kind of boating and marine use. The patented sensor allows you to see clear images at night, while displaying the surroundings in color night vision. Night vision in vidid colors ensures more contrast and color separation, making the environment easier to see and understand. With the Sionyx Nightwave, you can stay on the water late into the night and navigate home safely.

Although the Nightwave was designed for use on boats and ships, the night camera can also be used for any other application. Think of use on vehicles, in your garden or on land, and so on. With the help of the live stream function, the camera is in fact multi-purpose.

UV resistant polycarbonate
Other properties:

 Wifi and Bluetooth

Energy supply:
12V DC
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Field of view (°):
Laser parameters:
127x127x152 mm
Working / storage temperature:
-20C° - +50C° / -20C° - +80C°
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1280x1024 CMOS
In the box:

kamera, kábel, BNC-RCS átalakító, Wall charger, USB video kábel, tömítés szett, szerelék.

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Water resistance:
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
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SiOnyx Nightwave low-light marine camera
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