SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer

SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer
SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer
SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer
SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer
SiOnyx Aurora PRO Explorer

A set for every need

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Get to know the SiOnyx Aurora Pro Explorer color night vision camera set!

Allow yourself to be convinced, immerse yourself in the transparency of the night!

The SiOnyx Aurora Pro Explorer camera set features technological achievements in a package that is difficult to convince the target audience of. The first handover of the camera decides everything. Be it a professional law enforcement, a night hobby, a trip, hunting, sailing, or just a night on the lake... The SiOnyx Explorer set is the manufacturer's most professional product package. It is not difficult to fall under its spell. A little openness to the achievements of technology, a little love of nature, or even the voice of need. I want it!

Go for it! Discover the true wonders of the new world when the sun goes down completely!

The night vision technology used by SiOnyx evokes a sense of wonder that is very difficult to describe. This is a must see! Wildlife watching, sailing, hiking, security and other activities become exciting in one fell swoop - using the right technology.

Choosing the ideal night vision has never been an easy task. A variety of information is needed to make the right decision. The range of possibilities is almost unlimited, since night vision devices were already introduced in the II. World War. They have been used by official organizations and security services around the world , and their civilian use has also been spreading for some time. With the development of the generations, their countless advantages and disadvantages were also revealed. It is not possible to say exactly which method is best. In this world, the SiOnyx Aurora series has now appeared as a comet.

The Aurora Pro camera's super-sensitive, improved CMOS sensor and even finer objective rival the performance of the most serious second-generation analog night vision devices, with the difference that SiOnyx is now able to display in color what the professional analog technology used primarily by law enforcement agencies cannot.
With the advent of digital technology, the image that could only be perceived through optics became able to be recorded and stored, so the user of SiOnyx cameras can utilize all the resulting advantages. Even in this, the device is not unique, as many manufacturers offer devices equipped with similar knowledge. The difference lies in the image you see, which could start a revolution in the field of night vision. In addition to night vision, enhanced thermal camera technology is excellent as long as the user knows what to expect at night.
Whether you are a law enforcement officer or a hunter, at the current level of technology, depending on the sensor resolution, it will be easier to detect an organism with a higher body temperature emerging from a cold background at greater distances. However, identifiability is highly dependent on resolution and thermal sensitivity. In cases where the temperature differences are not necessarily significant, night vision technology has a definite advantage.

The SiOnyx Aurora PRO version is the world's first color night vision camera with professional accessories. Thanks to the patented technology, we can see a colorful, clear image in the viewfinder up to 2 millilux, at even on moonless, starry nights. The graininess of the image is indeed smaller than ever before. What is special is that the performance can be multiplied within reasonable distances with the factory accessory 940 nm invisible infrared spotlight. In addition to the features outlined above, the camera is equipped with WiFi, a gyroscope, a compass, GPS, an accelerometer, but it can also be used to enter the real-time virtual world - the so-called AR (augmented reality) systems. The Explorer set has practical and at the same time professional accessories that only enhance usability and the feeling of durability.

Extras compared to Aurora Standard:

  • 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • battery fast charger
  • 940 nm infrared projector with batteries and charger
  • Picatinny mount for spotlight, tools
  • 32 GB micro SD card with adapter
  • USB charging data cable x 3
  • neck strap and wrist strap
  • waterproof hard cover suitcase

The technology guarantees unprecedented night confidence, while the most exciting moments can be recorded on the included 32GB micro SD card even in the darkest of times. The maximum available is 128 GB for the Pro version. Through the downloadable application "SiOnyx Aurora App", certain functions of the camera can be remotely controlled, you can choose between the completed images and videos, and you can also change some settings.

Article number
Data storage
micro SD compatibility 4 - 32 GB
Other properties
Shutter speed: 1.5" 1" 1/2" 1/4" 1/7.5" 1/15" 1/30" 1/60" 1/120" 1/240" 1/480" 1/1000" 1/2000" 1/4000" 1/8000";
Lens: 16 mm f/1.4 (night); f/2.0(sunset); f/5.6 (day);
GPS, accelerometer, compass
Energy supply
rechargeable external battery
Touch screen
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Sound recording
Készülékben tölthető
color or monochrome micro OLED
Old article number
ultra photosensitive CMOS
In the box
night vision camera, 2 pcs of batteries, externela charger, strap, USB charger / data cable, waterproof hard case, 32 GB micro SD card + adapter, 940 nm IR illuminator with battery, charger, Picatinny mount
Supported photo resolutions
0.9 MP
Supported video resolutions
720p H.264 .MOV; FPS: 7.5 / 15 / 24 / 30 / 60
USB 2.0 for charging and data transfer
Operating time
up to 2 hours
Product type
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Article No.