InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station
InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station
3 468.25 EUR

InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station

InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station
InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station
InfiRay HT3003F 384x288 17µm automatic body temperature station

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Thermal sensor
384x288 17µm
Magnification interval (x)
1 – 1
Horizontal field of view (°)
Horizontal filed of view
User's Guide (HUN)
Thermal sensor
384x288 17µm
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3 468.25 EUR

Automated body temperature measuring camera

Temperature measurement with a thermal camera

In the last two decades, we have heard several times about new types of viral infectious diseases, in 2002 about the SARS virus, in 2012 about MERS and bird flu, but we observed them from a distance and did not really feel their health or economic effects. However, the latest coronavirus has now reached our continent and even our country, threatening serious public health risks and serious economic damage. It spreads quickly and easily in workplaces with large numbers of people and at mass events, so it is literally vital and in our common interest to screen out individuals suspected of infection and limit the spread of the infection.

One of the most easily visible symptoms of a person infected with the coronavirus is fever, which can be measured quickly and efficiently even in larger groups with a suitable thermal camera.

The HT300 is a small space-saving automatic body temperature measuring device that checks the body temperature of people passing within its range (2-6 meters) without contact, accurately and quickly, and alerts if someone's temperature is higher than normal. In narrower zones, it automatically indicates values ​​above the set temperature in a reaction time of up to 0.5 seconds.

The camera's operating temperature range is between 0 and +60°C, within which it works with excellent accuracy (+/-0.5°C) in the +33 - +42°C interval, but it is even more precise when used with the accessory Black Body , can be accurate to +/-0.3 °C.

In addition to the fully automatic mode, the included intelligent software can be parameterized in countless ways, and is capable of point-based, line-based, and area-based temperature measurement. Several colors can be displayed on the display. The software automatically alerts when the set temperature is exceeded, and depending on the setting, it can record the face in problematic cases, or video recording can also be set as required. Available software updates are available immediately.


The contents of the HT3003F set are the thermal camera and the wall bracket, with which the user can fix the camera in the way and place he deems most appropriate. With the included adapter base, it is also possible to mount it on a wall or on a stand. The manufacturer includes 2 stands with the set for placing the thermal camera and the Black Body, and in addition to the cables necessary for operation, also includes the software necessary for operation with the device.


Black Body accessory. The computer is not included with the thermal camera. System requirements can be found in Parameters.

Unlike the AT, the HT is a device that can be set up more easily and requires less hardware.


  • Solid protective cover
  • They look like security cameras
  • Articulated support arm that can be moved in all directions for easy fixing and positioning
  • It can be attached to both a wall and a stand
  • Optimal magnification Easy cable connection option
  • Easy to use, no special firmware settings are required

Operating conditions:

The device must be switched on and operated continuously 40 minutes before the start of the actual measurement task in order to ensure an accurate measurement. The Black Body needs 5 minutes of continuous operation to act as a proper reference point. The optimal ambient temperature is 25 degrees, strong external influences such as drafts coming from outside, heaters, sunshine, or exposed glass walls and other heat sources can disrupt the operation of the device, so they should not be in the camera's field of view. Do not take the measurement directly from the outside into the room, if the outside temperature differs greatly, because this reduces the accuracy. It is advisable to guide people in front of the camera with a slow-motion cordon. The Black Body must be placed above the people. The program must be configured for the current environmental conditions. The exact description and the suggestions for building the deceleration / diverting cordon are available in the user manual.

Hardware requirement:

CPU: i5-9500T or higher
Memory: >8GB
System: Windows 10 64 bit
Graphics card: with graphics processor and Vulkan support
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
Minimum Full HD display


Software support is provided. The thermal camera can be installed extremely quickly with the participation of an IT specialist. However, in the absence of an expert colleague, we recommend the purchase of the HT300 set, which can be put to work immediately even without a specialized qualification.


The camera analysis program can be downloaded here!

After unpacking the downloaded .rar file, copy the entire contents of the folder to your computer. Then start the "camera.exe" file in the folder with two clicks!

Article number
Data storage
software stores in PC directory photos, videos
Base magnification (x)
Tripod thread
can be wall or stand mounted with bracket
analog video output, RJ45 10M/100M/1000M auto adaptation, 1 pc I/O warning, Ethernet/IP, TCP, UDP, SNTP, RTSP, HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, DHCP, UPnP, PPPOE
Other properties

Black hot, white hot, 18 color palette
Energy consumption: < 3 W (25°C)
Photo extension: .jpg
Video extension: H.264 / H.265; .mp4, .mov
Instructions for Windows system
FOV: 37.9°x 28.7°

Hardware requirement:

CPU:i5-9500T, vagy above
Memory: >8GB
System: Windows 10 64 bit
Graphics card: graphics processor and Vulkan support
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
minimum Full HD screen
A 12V power supply is recommended for the camera (10 - 36V)

Black Body:

Voltage: AC180-240V
Energy consumption: 260 W
Temperature: 5°C - 100°C
Heating time: <= 5 perc
Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C

Energy supply
230 V
Detection distance '>
2 - 6 m, ideal 3-4 m
Video recording
3 years manufacturer's warranty
Alternative power source
9 - 26 V DC
1.7 mrad
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
not included
Screen color modes
18 colors
Windows 10
Field of view (°)
37.9°x 28.7°
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
Measurement properties
Precise temperature measurement: 0 - +60°C
Accuracy: + / - 0.5°C, with black body: + / - 0.3°C(between 33°C and 42°C)
IFOV: 1.7 mrad
9.7 mm F1.0
Optional accessories
computer and monitor not included, system requirements in the list
Old article number
Spectral range
8 - 14 µm
384x288 pixel, VOx uncooled FPA; 17µm pixel size
In the box
HT3003F pack includes: thermal camera, wall console, adapter plate for tripod, cables, Black Body, software for operation, 2 pcs of tripods
Supported photo resolutions
Supported video resolutions
H.264, H.265, .mp4, .mov
Weight (g)
Product type
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Article No.