Guide TA450 thermal clip-on with battery set

Guide TA450 thermal clip-on with battery set
Guide TA450 thermal clip-on with battery set
Guide TA450 thermal clip-on with battery set
Guide TA450 thermal clip-on with battery set

Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Thermal sensor
400x300 17μm
Magnification interval (x)
1 – 4
Horizontal field of view (°)
Horizontal filed of view
User's Guide (HUN)
Thermal sensor
400x300 17μm
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Clip-on Thermal Imaging Attachment

GUIDE TA Series is a versatile clip-on thermal imaging attachment which helps transform the daylight optics into a thermal imager. It can be taken as a thermal imaging attachment adding thermal imaging capability to your scope, or as a portable thermal imaging monocular as well. This compact, lightweight and durable device can be quickly mounted and dismounted without re-zeroing, providing excellent image in various environments.

Mini, rugged and durable

It's lightweight (less than 450g) , ultra compact (178mm×58mm×62mm) with IP67 protection. It performances well even at -30℃.

One-step installation,No re-zeroing

It can be quickly mounted to the front of your daylight scope, to add thermal imaging capability. No re-zeroing or any position adjustment is required. And it is compatible with multiple adapter rings(40mm~70mm).

Unique optical design to ensure aiming accuracy

It features unique stray light analysis and processing technology, reserved window edge and strict assembly standards to ensure aiming accuracy and strong stability.

Full-color OLED display

The full-color OLED display enhances image quality, improving viewing comfort.

One device for dual use

Turn it into a thermal imaging monocular with an eyepiece. Or add it to a daylight scope, supporting picatinny rail, laser range finder and anemometer.

Three scene modes to suit various environments

Quickly switch among three scene modes (Default/Enhanced/Highlight) with one button, the image will be adjusted according to the application environment to highlight the target.

Multiple palettes to highlight the target

Four pseudo-color palettes( white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot) are provided to timely identify its location in the scene. This helps to achieve all-weather observations.

One-click compensation to make image clearer

Several compensation ways are available to eliminate pepper noise, image jitters.

Wireless remote control

Optional Bluetooth remote controller for wireless control. Its button is a copy of the imager’s, improving operation comfort.


For join properly on a riflescope there are two adapters needed:



2.  (Please choose the proper size you've measured on your rifle scope's front tube)

Article number
Data storage
Base magnification (x)
Eye relief
10 mm
analog / video output, charger
Digital zoom
2x, 4x
Diopter compensation
±5 dpt
Other properties
standby mode: adjustable automatic standby after 5 minutes, automatic calibration, manual calibration, scene compensation NETD: <=50mk@25C /F1.0 video format: PAL / NTSC
Hot spot tracking
automat / manual calibration / manual scene compensation
RoHS / CE / FCC standards
Energy supply
2x CR123A or 2x ICR16340 battery
Detection distance '>
Detection:   car:            3000 m, Human:  1400 m  recognition: car 1400 m, Human 700m
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Alternative power source
5 V, 2 A
Image repetition frequency
50Hz (PAL), 60Hz (NTSC)
color, OLED, 1024x768, color, 0.39''
Screen color modes
4 modes: hot black, hot white, hot red, hot green
Field of view (°)
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
Working / storage temperature
-30℃-50℃ / -45℃-70℃
50 mm F1.2, manual focus
Optional accessories
remote, adapters
Old article number
Spectral range
400 x 300 pixel size of sensor, 17μm pixel size 50Hz(PAL)/60Hz(NSTC)
In the box
warranty card, two bay charger, 4 pcs of RCR123 rechargeable battery
Weight (g)
Shock resistance
500 G/1 ms
Operating time
up to 3 hours
Water resistance
Product type
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Article No.