PARD NV009 Digital night vision monocular with 940nm IR

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Magnification interval (x):
4.7 – 14
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The long-awaited night owl

For a long time, the hunting market lacked really high-quality night vision monoculars. This trend seems to be reversing.

The new Pard NV009 has got the housing with comfortable grip of their thermal imaging series. An extremely compact and ergonomic digital day and night vision monocular has arrived which, with its 4.7x optical and up to 3x digital magnification (so together with up to 4.7-14x magnification), has been a really long-awaited device. One expects a simple night vision device, but the image seen is more captivating than ever before.


The daytime image of the monocular is a clear and lively, high-resolution color image thanks to the newly developed and improved quality optics, so thanks to the basic magnification, it offers a convincing view even during daytime observations. Thanks to its wide field of view, it provides a good sense of space at basic magnification, while at higher magnifications, it highlights the most important details for the observer with excellent color fidelity. Thanks to the adjustable focus, the image you see is always clear and sharp. The size of the built-in display is large, the observation comfort surpasses any known night vision monocular.


Being a digital device, the night image of the monocular is black and white. Observation is supported by a built-in 940 nm IR illuminator with invisible light, which can be used for making observations up to a distance of 200-250 meters in clear weather. The brightness of the IR illuminator can be adjusted in three steps, and its image can be focused.


The image of the lens with a focal length of 35 mm is converted into a visible image by a low light sensor with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, which is spectacularly displayed for the user on the OLED viewfinder with a resolution of 1024*766 pixels, which is extremely large compared to the device's housing. At 4.7x optical magnification, the image becomes more detailed without quality loss, so the device digitally zooms into the image you see, but it also does it beautifully. Thus, the image does not fall apart even at the 7-14x digital magnification levels and provides extremely valuable information.

Built-in photo and video recorder can be found in the device. Videos can be recorded in 1920*1080 resolution on the micro SD card (not included) which can be expanded up to 128GB (not included), and can be displayed on a mobile phone screen with a WiFi connection. With the built-in HDMI connector, the 30 fps videos can be spectacularly play back on a monitor or TV screen.

Its usability is greatly increased by the easy-to-grip carrying strap, which can be comfortably adjusted to the size of the hand - thus ensuring comfortable observation even for longer periods.

The night vision monocular is powered by a replaceable, short industrial 18650 Li-Ion battery, which can provide up to 8 hours of operating time with a full charge.

The Pard Vision app can be downloaded for Android here, for IOS here.

Data storage:
micro SD accepts cards up to 128 GB
Base magnification (x):
AL6061 Composite
Built-in IR:
940 nm 5W focusable with 3 IR illuminating levels
Eye relief:
25 mm
Digital zoom:
1.5x - 3x
Diopter compensation:
± 5D
Other properties:

PIP ; E-compass; Auto recording; Loop recording; Time stamp; audio recording


Energy supply:
1x18650 Li-ion battery
File format:
.JPG 2592*1944 ; .mp4 1920*1080
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Infra hatótávolsága:
up to 200-250 m
Image repetition frequency:
60 / 30 Hz
1024*768 OLED
Screen color modes:
colorful at daytime, black and white at night
Exit pupil:
6 mm
Field of view (°):
9.1° x 5.1°
Least magnification:
Utmost magnification:
150 x 70 x 38 mm
Operation type:
Working / storage temperature:
-20 - +50°C / -
35 mm
1920*1080 CMOS 2,9 μm, with 0,001 lux sensitivity
In the box:

NV009, case, USB-C cable, battery, neckstrap 

Weight (g):
Operating time:
up to 8 hours
Water resistance:
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
EAN code:
IR illuminator:
940 nm 5W invisible
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PARD NV009 Digital night vision monocular with 940nm IR
PARD NV009 Digital night vision monocular with 940nm IR
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