InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
2 836.34 EUR
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InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit

InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit
InfiRay Tube TL50 thermal riflescope with 18500 battery kit

Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Riflescope front lens diameter
50 mm
Riflescope magnification
4.0 - 16.0x
Thermal sensor
384x288 12µm
Thermal sensor NETD
40 mK
Magnification interval (x)
4.0 – 16.0
Horizontal field of view (°)
Horizontal filed of view
User's Guide (HUN)
Céltávcső frontlencse átmérő
50 mm
Thermal sensor
384x288 12µm
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2 836.34 EUR
2 609.41 EUR
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In Hungary and some EU countries, the use of night vision and thermal camera products for hunting purposes is limited, and the use of devices with crosshairs and/or aiming devices is prohibited. Please find out about the regulations in force in your country and follow their changes.

The Tube TL50 thermal imaging scope has arrived!

The Tube TL thermal imaging scope family was designed for lovers of classic forms. Its ergonomic, elegant and timeless design and excellent image quality make it an extremely effective tool for both day and night observations, even in rainy and foggy weather.

Unique image quality

The newly developed and constantly improving Vox uncooled microbolo sensor with a resolution of 384x288 meters and a pixel size of 12 µm always guarantees a sharp image, and its thermal sensitivity is now 40 mK, which really puts it among the best. The device with a significantly higher number of pixels compared to the competition in a similar category was launched on the market with a visibly more detailed image. The new software makes it possible to refine the image, which provides a beautiful view even at high magnifications.
The engineers were able to almost completely eliminate the pixelation that occurs during digital zoom. InfiRay made its traditional scope with a tube diameter of 30 mm with special attention. Regardless of the external weather conditions, Tube's durable, all-aluminum housing, the 50H update and the high resolution of the sensor allow the focus dial to display a moving image without disappointment to the user, which guarantees professional and at the same time the most demanding observation. for hunters.
Contrast adjustment is automatic, and the scope helps to find the target faster by strengthening the image hierarchy. There is real content behind the wording - the InfiRay sensor helps the user get the really important information with exceptional contrast and extreme detail. The OLED display size of 1024x768 pixels is currently among the best. The perfect sharpness setting can be managed from the quick menu using 4 pre-saved profiles.

The built-in PIP (picture-in-picture) function can be used to further enhance the closer observation of the details even when aiming at a high magnification level, while the user can keep an eye on the original area for better orientation in the rest of the screen. The built-in 5 color modes provide convincing information in a wide variety of life situations and viewing conditions.

The TL50's 50mm focal length lens and high-end sensor with a small 12µm pixel size can detect a human figure from up to 2,600m away. The optical magnification is 4x, which can be increased up to 16x, thanks to the 4x digital magnification - offering the most commonly used magnification values.

User-friendly interface

In the initial steps of creating the Tube thermal imaging scope, the engineers aimed for simple and quick handling. A fully icon-based menu system, easy-to-interpret pictograms, and transparency in the case of drop-down menus help the user to keep an eye on the area even when changing the settings. By default, the upper rotary dial is responsible for adjusting the magnification, pressing it calls up the menu and is used for navigation. In addition, only four control buttons are responsible for turning it on and off, adjusting the color and recording the photo.


The Tube TL50 offers an excellent zoom range, motion sensor, digital compass, WiFi image sharing, and in addition to its 32 GB internal memory, it also offers up to 40,000 photo or video recording options. The recorded images and videos have a uniform resolution of 768x576 pixels, so they finally provide real, spectacular information. All of this becomes significantly simpler as we can access the data extremely easily and quickly via a computer using a USB-C cable. The cable serves as both a charger and a data connection cable.

With a quick button, the most frequently used functions, crosshairs, brightness and color mode can be adjusted in seconds. The device offers 5 color modes, 6 types of crosshairs and 4 types of crosshair colors as standard.

High resistance

The high-quality, traditional design will convince even the staunchest opponents. The robust housing provides waterproof space for two batteries. A built-in device housing and a replaceable 18500 standard battery help each other to achieve a good operating time. During use, up to 15 hours of operating time can be achieved with only the built-in battery. The additional replaceable battery can extend this interval by hours. The device has a USB-C socket.

Ultra clean mode

With the help of the "Ultraclear" mode available from the menu system, the scope can be used in unfavorable visibility conditions, such as helps orientation during dense fog or rain by increasing sensitivity and highlighting the smallest details.

InfiRay has really made a big splash with this new product. Try it yourself!

* The product is supplied with 2 additional 18500 batteries and a two-bay charger.


Attention, if you order this product, you accept the following conditions, or by placing your order, you acknowledge the following information:

1. In Hungary, the purchased product can only be used for paintball, airsoft, and air weapons with a muzzle energy of less than 7.5 joules, for sports purposes.
2. The Buyer expressly undertakes to refrain from using the product for hunting purposes in the territory of Hungary in accordance with the 1996 LV Act on hunting.
3. It is necessary to find out about possible foreign usability in the given country!
4. Act XXIV of 2004 in force in Hungary On the basis of Section 4 (1) e) of the Firearms and Ammunition Act, it is prohibited to install a night sight on a firearm.
5. In case of resale, the Buyer informs the new owner of the provisions hereof.
6. Commercial activity with the product can only be carried out with a MKEH activity permit.

Data storage
32 GB built-in memory
Base magnification (x)
Eye relief
70 mm
USB-C charging and data transfer
Diopter compensation
-4 - +4 dpt
Other properties

Wi-Fi / APP: Support (InfiRay outdoor)
Photo / Video Recorder: support
MIC: support
Bluetooth: support

Energy supply
built-in, rechargeable battery + external 18500 battery
Detection distance '>
Human (1.7 x 0.5 m): 2600 m
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency
50 Hz
1024x768 AMOLED
Screen color modes
5 modes
Exit pupil
6 mm
Tube diameter (mm)
Field of view (°)
5.2°x 4.0°
Least magnification
Utmost magnification
Shock resistance
1000 g (g=9,8 m/s2)
390x85x75 mm
50 mm
384x288 pixel, uncooled Vox microbolometer , 12 µm pixel size; NETD: <= 40 mK
Weight (g)
Operating time
up to 15 hours
Water resistance
Product type
Thermal camera, Nightvision
Riflescope magnification
4.0 - 16.0x
Article No.