InfiRay Affo AP09R+ thermal monocular

Article No.: 

Please consult with legal authorities about the usability for hunting purposes!

Thermal sensor NETD:
40 mK
Magnification interval (x):
1.3 – 2.6
Horizontal filed of view:
User's Guide (HUN) :


Thermal sensor:
256x192 12μm
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In Hungary and some EU countries, the use of night vision and thermal camera products for hunting purposes is limited, and the use of devices with crosshairs and/or aiming devices is prohibited. Please find out about the applicable regulation and its changes.

The perfect entrance

In life, there are invisible upgrades, with which a manufacturer fills out the mandatory circles. What justifies Affo's renewal is the amazingly improved image. All members of the new R Plus series have a really simple, beautiful image and immediately take the user off their feet.

Do you wonder what it's like when a camera manufacturer launches a camera that has a simple, beautiful image and immediately sweeps the user off their feet?

The widescreen 640x400 OLED display of the AFFO R+ series (significantly larger physically than the older 720x540 LCOS displays) and the new Reality+ image processing software are as if they have improved two or three generations at once.

The AFFO R+ series offers practical features including a stadiometric rangefinder and picture-in-picture function.

The Affo series was released as the successor to the X-Eye series. With the Infiray Affo AP09R+ thermal camera, we get an even clearer and more detailed image, a clearer and more detailed field of view and improved hot spot tracking. AP09R+ will be the king of sprinklers. It provides an excellent field of view with low basic magnification thanks to the short focal length and the 256x192 pixel sensor. An excellent entry-level camera for big game. It has a maximum of 2x digital zoom. (approx. 2.6x) The built-in 8 GB internal memory allows you to record the moments you want, while the Wifi module allows you to connect to a smartphone or tablet, stream video or transfer files directly from the device, as well as update the operating system of the thermal camera. The downloadable app is called InfiRay Outdoor.

The thermal camera is equipped with 5 color palettes, in addition to the normal "white", "black", "red" and "color", we developed the "warm body highlighting" palette. By selecting this, users can easily find the target due to the high contrast between the background and the target. It can automatically track the hottest point in the field of view, making target detection even faster.

The durable, rigid plastic lens cap has greater hardness and impact resistance, and is limited waterproof thanks to the insulation.

The AP09R+ has a 25 Hz image refresh rate, thanks to which its energy consumption is minimal, which helps it to operate for up to 9.5 hours.

However, the strength of the camera is really the convincing force with which we almost immediately feel at home in all circumstances.

Data storage:
8 GB built-in memory
Base magnification (x):
Eye relief:
20 mm
Digital zoom:
1x ; 2x
Diopter compensation:
-7 - +2
Other properties:

WI-FI, photo recording

Energy supply:
Built-in li-ion battery 3600 mAh
Detection distance :
Detection (m) human body: 460
Seeker monocular
3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery
Image repetition frequency:
640 x 400 OLED
Exit pupil:
5 mm
Field of view (°):
160×60×60 mm
Working / storage temperature:
-20-+50℃ / -
9 mm, fix focus
256x192 pixel, 12 μm pixel size, NETD <= 40 mK
In the box:

Neck strap & wrist strap 2-in-1; TYPEC Cable; Drawstring Bag; Lens Cloth

Stadiametric rangefinder
Weight (g):
Operating time:

up to 9.5 hours

Water resistance:
Product type:
Thermal camera, Nightvision
EAN code:
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InfiRay Affo AP09R+ thermal monocular
InfiRay Affo AP09R+ thermal monocular
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